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Navigating the Unknown in Rural Nevada

Updated: 2 days ago

How you supported Michael on his journey to find quality medical care.

Michael’s life was full of constant change and excitement throughout his time in the Navy; he always found himself on the go. After leaving the service, Michael settled in the rural town of Crescent Valley, Nevada. It wasn’t long before his health started to decline, and he began his search for high-quality medical treatment in Reno. The journey itself was daunting, but it was a choice he had to make for his well-being.

As Michael began embarking on the 500-mile round trip to Reno for treatment, he discovered a lifeline: the Veterans Guest House. His fear of being on the road while actively recovering from procedures was no longer an issue. At VGH, Michael is afforded free lodging and meals during his medical visits, sparing him the arduous single-day drive. For a veteran with health needs on a fixed income, it makes all the difference.

VGH is more than just a place for Michael to rest his head. Your support makes it a haven of comfort and healing when recovering from invasive treatments such as hernia repairs, valve replacements, or cataract surgeries. It’s a place where veterans like Michael find camaraderie, share stories, and gather for a meal after a long day of medical care, bridging the gap between generations of service.

For veterans who face a lengthy journey back home, your generous gift means they no longer worry about late nights on the road and the financial burden of extended travel. Veterans can prioritize their healing journey by removing barriers and accessing the care they need thanks to your caring support.

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