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In Sickness and in Health

Daniel and Evelyn

How you helped keep a loving couple together during a medical crisis. 

Daniel and Evelyn’s love has been tested and proven throughout the years, but they faced a heart-wrenching twist when Evelyn’s health took a sudden turn. After sharing over 60 years of their lives together and finding happiness in a small mountain town, they suddenly faced an unknown chapter.  

Evelyn was unexpectedly struck by a silent but life-threatening blood clot in her lung. The nearest hospital capable of treating her was in Reno, 125 miles away. Daniel, an Army veteran overwhelmed by emotions, had no choice but to watch over her from a local motel. The mounting costs during this time of uncertainty felt suffocating, but his unwavering love for Evelyn kept him going.  

Soon after her blood clot was found, Evelyn underwent an aortic valve replacement, and her path to recovery included a month-long stay in a local rehabilitation facility. Daniel quickly realized that he could no longer afford the cost of a motel, and his heart ached at the thought of Evelyn fighting this battle alone. 


Evelyn remembered the Veterans Guest House (VGH) from their resourceful neighborhood watch team. But one question remained, were they eligible to stay?  


Once Daniel was told that both veterans and their families had access to the services offered at VGH, the enormity of their relief left them speechless. Over the next six months, Evelyn was hospitalized six times. Without your support, Daniel and Evelyn would have faced the financial burden of a motel room, being separated from each other. Instead, they found solace in the caring community of VGH, where Daniel could be close to his wife during her ongoing health battle.  

Months later, Daniel and Evelyn remain proud of the obstacles they have overcome, proving their love is resilient against many of life's challenges. Thanks to you, they have found a renewed sense of hope and continued access to services critical for their well-being. 

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