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Warming the Hearts of Healthcare Professionals

How You Ensured Healthcare Access Amidst Winter Challenges

The recent snowstorm that swept through Washoe County shut down both interstates and main thoroughfares across the community. Winter conditions led to missed and canceled appointments, delaying critical treatment for many veterans, particularly those less confident behind the wheel. Fortunately, VGH guests have the lodging, transportation, and assistance they need to safely access their medical care—even during inclement weather. 

But what about healthcare professionals?

From Carson to North Valley - many local professionals commute from surrounding areas especially impacted by snow. When local travel was discouraged and, in some cases, impossible, medical staff worried about their ability to safely travel to work or braving the roads home, possibly causing staffing shortages for medical providers. VA Medical Center leadership turned to VGH for assistance.

Thanks to your generous support, nurses seeking shelter were welcomed in our warm beds as Reno was buried in snow.  

By working together, you helped eliminate the risk of travel through hazardous conditions for nurses and ensured that veterans receive the quality healthcare they had traveled for. This winter, your support helped safeguard our nation’s heroes and the dedicated professionals who serve them.

 “Without your help, I would’ve had nowhere to go. My family and career mean the world to me; I couldn’t risk it all in a snowstorm. Your kindness kept me safe.” - VA Community Living Center Nurse

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