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Serving Others: How Guests Inspire Service 

The Heartwarming Ways Veterans Give Back

Within the walls of VGH, something extraordinary happens every day. Guests, arriving in Reno seeking treatment, are not only recipients of care but active participants in a community united by your support. The gratitude and camaraderie of veterans and their families have become the heartbeat of VGH, filling the house with little acts of kindness and selflessness.

Whether it’s lending a helping hand in the kitchen, shoveling snow in the entryway, or taking out the dinner trash, guests embody the true essence of service and sacrifice. Their tireless efforts not only highlight our army of volunteers but also complement your commitment to supporting veterans and their families. 

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of life at VGH is the profound sense of connection flourishing among guests. In the midst of their own health battles, veterans find peace in each other’s company, creating friendships that foster comfort and healing. Your support not only provides guests with access to critically needed services but also inspires the camaraderie shared by guests facing medical challenges.

Thank you for giving veterans and their families a welcoming place to heal where they can rely on more than just you— they can rely on each other.

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