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Nourishing Veterans’ Bodies and Spirits 

How You are Combating Poor Nutrition for Veterans in Need

Roughly one in every six veteran families are combating food insecurity, a harsh reality where affordable, nutritious meals are often out of reach.

But it’s not just about hunger; it’s about nutrition. For veterans already facing medical challenges, consuming low quality, highly processed food amplifies their struggles, increasing rates of depression, anxiety, and chronic disease. 

As the nutritional needs of veterans continue to evolve, we can’t afford to wait. Your support of VGH helps tackle food insecurity critical to the well-being of veterans.

During their stay, guests have access to healthy food choices to replenish between appointments and after treatments. When they leave, your donated non-perishable food items are on display so that hunger doesn’t follow them home. 

Your support reaches more than just VGH guests

You’re also helping the 154 hungry veteran families who receive care at the Reno VA.

VGH has partnered with the Patriots Food Pantry, a new program at the Reno VA that provides essential resources to veterans lacking the basics. Its impact, though small in physical size, resonates profoundly within the community.

By offering healthy and accessible foods, it extends hope and dignity to low-income veterans facing medical uncertainty. 

Recognizing the need to support veterans beyond traditional medical care, VGH has become the nonprofit sponsor of the Patriots Food Pantry, taking your support to the next level.

Now, local and rural veterans do not have to go without nutritious food—they can lean on you—and your support to battle food insecurity. Thank you for helping hungry veterans live healthier lives. 

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