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Sylvia DuBeau, CEO

Sylvia joined Veterans Guest House in 2021.

As a Navy veteran, Sylvia is honored to leverage her past decade of non-profit leadership experience to help military, veterans and their families get the care they need. A Wisconsin native, Sylvia holds a bachelor’s degree from Marquette University and an MBA from University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

Kathi McGathey, House Manager

Kathi has been taking care of guests since 2006. She comes from a family of veterans and was a military wife for 13 years when her husband was an active duty Marine. She recognizes the sacrifices both servicemembers and their families have to make when serving the country. She is delighted to help “the most awesome people in the world”. In her spare time, Kathy spends time with her 15 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren.

Patrice Klaich, Donor Relations Manager

Patrice is a fifth generation Northern Nevadan. She has been helping veterans and their families since 2012. She enjoys working with generous community members and can often be seen around the guest house with her loyal assistant, Ella. Ella is a 80lb yellow lab who serves as VGH’s professional greeter. During her free time, Patrice enjoys picnicking with her husband, Mike and their two children.

Terrence Biggers, Resident Manager

Terrence is an Air Force veteran and a former guest of VGH. He takes pride in ensuring every guest has the best possible experience during their stay. His familiarity navigating the often complex systems of the VA has been an invaluable asset to helping his fellow veterans get the care they need.

Gabriella Zinsley, Marketing Assistant

Gaby is a native Nevadan and the sister of an Army veteran. She’s happy to be part of an organization that helps families stay healthy and safe. When not at work, Gaby enjoys spending time with her family and bowling with her daughter.