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What is Veterans Guest House?
The Veterans Guest House provides United States military service veterans and their families’ temporary accommodations while receiving treatment at any medical facility in the Reno/Sparks area. The Guest House has a total of 19 bedrooms and can hold up to 33 people in semi-private rooms. The house has a full kitchen, living room, small library, internet/Wi-Fi capability, and a television rooms. Guests have access to the secured building with a personal access code.

Who can stay at the Veterans Guest House?
Veterans and their families may stay at the Guest House if they live at least 30 miles or more from the Guest House and have a home to return to. An adult caregiver is required to stay with each guest who is not 100% independent and self-reliant during their stay.

Is the Veterans Guest House a medical facility?
We are not a medical facility, and no medical staff is on duty. No medications will be administered by staff or volunteers. We are strictly a hospitality house.

How can I stay at Veterans Guest House?
To stay, you must make a reservation and be able to provide proof of your medical appointments and proof of military or veteran status. Rooms are occupied on a first come first serve basis.

What does it cost?
Accommodations are completely free of charge.

What do I need to bring with me for use during my stay?
Guests should bring food, medications, personal hygiene items, and any additional items the guest and caregiver may desire during their stay.

Is any transportation service provided?
No transportation service is provided.  The Guest House is located on all major bus lines.  Visit the Regional Transportation Commission’s website for more information or call 775-348-0400.

Is a television provided in my room?
There are several community television room in the house. Internet and Wi-Fi are available for use on your personal device.

Is it possible to bring my pets with me?
For the health and safety of all guests, we do not allow pets on the Veterans Guest House property except registered service animals. Please consult Guest House staff for more information.

Veterans Guest House Front yard front door Reno Nevada 880 Locust Street and Taylor St Architectural Photography SuePHAm I allowed to have visitors during my stay?
Yes, guests may visit you in our living room areas. No guests are permitted in guest bedrooms and all guests must vacate the property by 10pm.

Are there grocery stores, restaurants, or shopping near Veterans Guest House?
There are many stores, restaurants and shopping areas in the area. Please consult Guest House staff for names and directions.

Is there parking at Veterans Guest House?
We provide limited parking behind the Guest House, free of charge. Additional street parking is available as well.

What is provided in my room?
Rooms come with two twin beds, a ‘Jack and Jill’ style bathroom, clothing wardrobes, pillows, bed linens, towels, personal hygiene amenities, alarm clocks and extra blankets upon request. Additionally, the kitchens are equipped with dishware, glasses, silverware, pots and pans.

Is there a Laundry Facility?

Guests having to stay for an extended period of time, or those with special circumstances can make arrangements with staff to use House laundry facilities.  There are also pay-to-use laundry facilities in close proximity to the House.

Our Mission

The Veterans Guest House provides United States military service veterans and their families temporary overnight accommodations when receiving treatment at a medical facility in the Reno-Sparks area.

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